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Simone & JohannesHigh school sweethearts, now married – so far, so good.


How Johannes would describe Simone she usually isn’t happy with doing just one thing – she holds a law degree, a dual degree in international management, is a certified mediator, works in peace-building and on the side as an EMT. And since that obviously isn’t enough, she is dedicated to  photography, traveling, decorating (check out her amazing creations at decolicious.me), cycling, gardening – and then she uses the remaining time to organize everything around her and kick my butt to motivate me.

How Simone would describe Johannes: he is a mechanical engineer and studied at TU München, École Centrale Paris and MIT. In high school he was awarded “best son in law to be” – I don’t think my mom would disagree. He shares my passion for photography, traveling and cycling, is pretty smart when it comes to computers and web design and encourages all my more or less crazy ideas.

Feel free to get in touch! 🙂

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