Visiting Gásadalur & Múlafossur

Gásadalur is a magical place and a must-see in Faroe Islands. You simply cannot leave without having seen this remote and unspoiled spot of land. Besides the tiny village that seems to be from a distant past, the actual highlight is Múlafossur, the waterfall that falls off the cliff into the ocean. Simply spectacular!
Gásadalur is surrounded by some of the highest mountains on Vágar and you have a pretty good view of the island Mykines. Until quite recently, Gásadalur was only accessible via a path over the mountain, which the poor postman had to walk three times a week - this person must have been in great shape! The tunnel connecting the village with the rest of the island was only build in 2004, ending Gásadalur's long islation. The old post route is still a pretty nice hike. Now, Gásadalur even has a café, called Gásadalsgarður, which serves authenic local food and baverages as well as a smal guesthouse with four rooms.

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